End of Week 108 – Another year in the books….

I hate my birthday.  Well, not really hate, but I’m to the point that I don’t need to be reminded I am getting old.  The ominous day arrived again last Wednesday.  My staff brought bagels for breakfast.  My husband got me the movie Shadow Recruit and the Cosmos collection.  My future daughter in law gave me an Amazon gift card.  My son gave me four books of sheet music to go with the keyboard he gave me for Mothers Day.  I had dinner with my husband at a good seafood place, and on Friday my staff had a luncheon.  Obviously, whether I hate my birthday or not, I had a great one!

61.  Embarking on another decade.  Is it too late to make health and life changes in your sixties?  I hope not, since I plan on continuing to try.  With age comes physical differences.  The body changes, our systems change, metabolism slows down (like mine wasn’t already slow enough!), all geared toward frustrating us in our efforts to improve our habits.

We are following the World Cup.  I hope the US beats Portugal this evening. Many of the powerhouse teams have already been eliminated.  I don’t understand a lot about how soccer is played, but the energy of the game – players and spectators alike – is infectious.

On a more serious note, I’ve also been following the problems in Iraq.  I really don’t get why our federal government seems so surprised.  We pulled out – what did they think was going to happen?  Of course the extremists are going to try to overpower what they perceive as a weak and unprepared Iraqi army!  Now the question seems to be whether the US assumes the responsibility of trying to stabilize Iraq again.  I don’t pretend to know the answer to that.  I watch the reports of mass executions and other atrocities and know only one thing – that this is what you get when you base a country’s government on a particular religion.  And I am not singling out Islam.  It would not be any better if the US suddenly decided everyone had to be Christian.

Oh, well, it’s not my business.  I have my own problems to address, and am not in a position to dictate how I think others should live.  Don’t have the time nor the inclination.  I just pray that hope for tolerance, peace, and positive energy takes hold and spreads someday.

Until next week….Image


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