End of Weeks 106 and107 – Oops….

Well, after two years I finally missed a week of blogging.  Remember I said I never let the chores interfere?  Well, it wasn’t chores.  It was travel.  We went to Virginia to celebrate the high school graduation of my nieces, Lauren and Alexandra.  Definitely worth missing some writing.

Last week was hectic.  I had a mammogram on Monday, a Blood Bank appointment on Wednesday, and an eye exam on Thursday.  I still managed to get to the gym, but my eating was a bit out of sync.  I’m still not making much progress on the scale.  On top of that, I’m really feeling my age lately.

On Monday, when I was updating my record with the mammogram staff, they asked what doctors should get the results.  You may recall that my regular GYN is no longer with the practice I attend.  I told them that and that I’m sure the office still has my file so just send it to them.  They said they had to have a doctor’s name on it.  Then one of their people said, “Just send it to Scacheri.” I realized who they meant and said, “Well, I used to see his father so I guess that’ll do.”  In fact, the elder Scacheri delivered my son almost 26 years ago!  We all had a good laugh realizing the report would be going to the next generation! 

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the dads out there! 

Until next week….






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