End of Week 105 – Slow start…

The scale is still edging down.  It looks like maybe half a pound.  I am still in the trial and error stage of re-energizing my plan.  This week should bring me closer to getting results.  I have an eating schedule in mind and am determined to get to the gym all five work days.  We’ll see….

This weekend has been full of chores, like most weekends, but something seemed more noticeable this time.  Like most people I have lots of things to get done on my only two days during the week that are not taken up by my day job.  I also would like to work on my writing (other than this blog, which I enjoy, but I have other projects) and my music.  The problem is the timing of my chores is not always under my control.  I end up trying to squeeze my hobbies in between the chores so there is no time to truly concentrate on what I enjoy.  No sooner do I start writing, or playing, or reading, than it is time to get up and fold laundry or shop or cook or clean the kitchen.  Two things I never let the chores interrupt are lunch with my son and this blog.  The other activities suffer a lot.

I really noticed all this the last two days, and it is giving me a headache.  Must be the frustration.

Oh, well.  Someday I’ll have more time.  I just hope that day comes while I still have time to enjoy it.  I wish I was one of those people whose brain turns on in the evening.  My husband and my son are like that.  I am a morning person.  By the time I get home from work my brain is used up.  If I were an evening person I could write after work during the week.  Of course, being a morning person makes it easier to get to the gym before work.  That is an advantage for which I am grateful.  I guess all situations have plusses and minuses.

We will see what happens over the next few days. 

Until next week…..


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