End of Week 104 – Back to the Beginning….

The scale looks like it is trying to edge downward.  No appreciable results yet, but I put Myfitnesspal on my phone and got to the gym all five days this week.  Tracking my food definitely makes a difference.  If I keep it up, I’m thinking maybe I’ll really drop some next time.

Well, here we are at week 104. It is Memorial Day weekend and we are exactly two years into this project.  Looking back I see a year of early success followed by a year of crises that undid the early efforts.  I hope I’ve learned from all this. The next year will tell the story. I’m essentially starting over.  It’s back to square one, but that’s ok. If I learn from what I’ve experienced – good and bad – perhaps this third year will be the most effective.

If I ever get to pull all this together as a book I will be tempted to ignore the year 2013, but I shouldn’t. Shortfalls and difficulties are as much a part of an ultimately successful effort as victories. Someday I will try to do that. My mother liked reading this blog – one of the biggest reasons I kept up with it even during 2013. That, and it keeps me honest.

Looks like we are being treated to a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. Partly cloudy, breezy, not too hot – wonderful! Not being a beach person, I can do without the heat. I filled my bird feeders and am watching the red bellied woodpecker stand his ground on the suet cake against the grackles. The woodpecker takes a clump of the suet and flies off and then returns for more. The cardinals, house finches, goldfinches, chickadees and blue jays are all around today. I wish the indigo bunting would return. I set up a second thistle feeder to attract him. There are a couple of rabbits hopping around.

Time for a fresh start. I still have my diet buddies at work and my son is in on the effort. We are looking forward to a great year!

We CAN do it!

Until next week….


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