End of Week 103

Still can’t seem to budge the scale.  Got to the gym all five days and even put in some extra time.  The divine powers (whatever you believe them to be) must be testing my resolve. 
I have a new health coach through my job. It is all part of the State’s efforts at getting its employees healthier, thus saving on medical costs. I think it is a great idea, especially since you can earn extra money if you do certain things. Having a health coach is one of those things. She is friendly enough, a lot like my first health coach, but she is relentless (in a good way). I think it is because she needs to find out what I am doing and how I want to proceed. This is all done on line, via emails. I also complete an annual questionnaire and go to an annual health screening. Those things, combined with my participation in the coaching program, get me an extra $200 in my first July paycheck. Of course, I don’t skip my regular doctor’s physical exam. None of the special programs are meant to replace regular medical care. They are just for encouragement and to save the State money (of course). Nothing wrong with that.
My new coach pointed out that I haven’t tracked my eating in a while. I think I may download Myfitnesspal to my phone and try to track what I eat. If nothing else, it makes me think before I put food in my mouth.
It is that time of year – proms, graduations, weddings, all kinds of celebrations. My family will be congratulating several of our next generation on their accomplishments this year. It is great to see two of my nieces graduating from high school, with college all lined up. One of my nephews is now a college graduate and a fireman with EMT certification. There are a couple of graduations up in Pennsylvania in my extended family. I love it all!
My son is taking three courses this summer in his Masters program and has already signed up for his fall semester courses. I have to look up the graduation requirements, but it is possible he will be in his final year of the program. I can’t wait to see him walk for his Masters degree!
Today I hope to play my electric keyboard (a Mothers Day present!) and maybe write some. I also hope to be embarking on a renewed effort to lose this ridiculous weight. We can do it!
Until next week….


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