End of Week 102 – A Year Makes a Difference…

No progress. No damage, but no progress.  This is getting frustrating.  I’ll keep thinking and trying new changes until something works.

I went to the gym four out of five days – everyday except the day I went to the dentist.  I tried to get there early and get a longer workout.  I’m eating more salads and not overdoing the dressing.  The weather is getting warmer so it is easier to want a salad.

This is an emotional weekend.  Tomorrow is Mothers Day.  I miss my Mom a lot, but this is the second Mothers Day without her and it is different than last time.  My feelings were still raw this time last year.  She had just passed in March.  I still miss her, of course.  That will never change.  But my outlook this year is more positive.  I’m not completely through the anger at what I consider the unfairness of it all, but I’m getting there.  Life ain’t fair, right?  That fact does not quell the indignation at unfair circumstances – even uncontrollable circumstances.

However, my mom would not want me to waste my emotions on such negative vibes.  So, happy Mothers Day to my mom, who spent her life setting an example for others to follow.  If I spend my time living up to her legacy I won’t have time to be angry, and that is a good thing!

Until next week….Image


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