End of Week 101 – Distractions…

Still holding my own.  Trying to make positive changes.  Trying to get my mind to stop being so distracted.

I have this weird luck with anyone in the medical/health field.  If I find someone I like they go away. Sometimes they announce their departure, sometimes they don’t.  My health coach (through Alere with the State) just left for another job. When she told me she was leaving, I had to laugh.  I told her about my luck keeping health professionals.  The reason I am with the family doctor that I am is because my old one closed his practice.  I have had GPs and pediatricians disappear without a word.  Right after I learned about my health coach I tried to make my annual “female” appointment and found out my OB/Gyn was gone!  I’m beginning to wonder about all this.

Ever get something stuck in your mind?  I can’t stop thinking about the song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.  It is beautiful, and I’d like to write lyrics to it that honor my mother.  Once that thought came to me, I could not get rid of it.  I now have two full verses and working on a third. I’ll work on the melody on the piano or the guitar.   We will see how it turns out.

It was warmer this weekend, but now it is windy and cool.  I know that when it is July or August and 95 degrees I will wish this weather was back.   I did, however, find some more flowers in my back yard.  I love the wild violets!

Until next week…. Image                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


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