End of Week 99 – Easter Reflections…


Still no progress on the scale, but I’ll just try to buckle down going forward.  I’m thinking, now that the weather is warming, that I may start going to the gym in the middle of the day as well as in the early morning.  It’s hard to do that when it’s cold, but I think the cold is behind us for now.

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!  Happy whatever you want to celebrate this fine, sunny day!  Any of my family or friends will tell you I am not into organized religion.  I do, however, consider myself spiritual.  It is a faith of sorts.  I have always believed there is a big difference between faith and religion.  They are neither mutually exclusive nor mutually dependent.

I believe there are spiritual signs everywhere; some subtle, some bold.  The attached picture is one of the bolder signs I have seen in a while.  The “ChristAngel” hangs on my cousin’s wall.  Today, Easter Sunday, she saw what you see in the picture.  The rainbow, caused by a prism on the opposite side of her house, tracks across her wall daily.  However, this is the first time she has noticed it hitting the ChristAngel.  Appropriate and inspirational.  Not to mention beautiful!

Time to make Easter dinner – ham and all the usual side dishes.  I am grateful to be able to make this for my family.  We can worry about cutting back tomorrow – and we will!

Until next week….


1 thought on “End of Week 99 – Easter Reflections…

  1. For a while now I have not want to be in a church on Sunday or Holiday. I have always felt that God is not locational and is where ever I am right now. Today I was contemplating maybe going somewhere but I had no guidance. I was in our great room on the computer when Steve walked in and said “Look up above our doors”. I saw the rainbow on the christ angel for the first time ever! I new that I was in the right place at the right time to receive the message that the Kingdom of Heaven is here and now within you. Thanks God I needed a loving Easter sign today! Hang in there!

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