End of Week 98 – Making No Sense…


But that seems to be the norm any more.  I tried to go into this week with a positive attitude.  I got to the gym everyday.  I really tried to watch what I ate and how much I ate.  Today I got on the scale, and it has gone up.  This is probably an example of delayed effect – something I talked about months ago in another post.  The effect of what you eat and what you do is delayed by one to two weeks in reality.  I am now seeing the effects of my head cold week.

I have always been a supporter of having the occasional treat day.  Today is mine.  My son and I are going out to lunch and I am not going to stick to a salad.  I will have what I want, within reason (no supersizing or large chocolate malts, for example).  That will be the extent of my treating, but that’s a lot for me.

Next week I am going to crack down a little – try to increase my exercise and get a little tougher on my eating.  I’m thinking maybe my system has gotten used to what I’ve been doing.  Perhaps I need to alter my habits.  Spring is finally here – it is a good time to make changes.  It is in times like these that we need to take a look at our routines and figure out what is going wrong.  Our bodies and our systems respond to variety.  The same old thing won’t always work.  Sometimes you gotta shake things up.

So, I will try to refresh my strategy and see now I do over the next couple of weeks.  I hope it helps my progress.

Until next week….


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