End of Week 96 – Another Month in the Books….


Holding steady – weight is not up or down.  I got to the gym most of the time.

Today is March 30th.  Only one more day in March – the month marking (among other things) Multiple Myeloma Awareness.  I will never NOT be aware of this insidious disease.  It took my mother, the most wonderful person on the planet.  It all has to do with the blood; an essential part of us.  Makes me glad I have donated blood/platelets for the past dozen or so years.

Today is my husband’s birthday – another of the planet’s best.  He is 66, but I don’t think he’ll ever grow up – thank heaven!!

I don’t have a lot to say today.  I’ve come down with what appears to be a head cold.  At first I thought it was just sinuses, but I am just achy enough and feel just lousy enough that I think there is a little more to it.  Not the flu – I got my shot and have no fever.  Just an annoying cold.  However, speaking of blood, it may make me reschedule my Blood Bank appointment (this coming Wednesday).

I need to rest.  Until next week….


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