End of Week 95 – What, Again???

Weighed Thursday since I was out of town Friday.  Was down a pound.  Slow and steady – hope it keeps up.

We are supposed to get another snow storm this coming Tuesday!  Hard to believe.  Hopefully, this will be mostly rain and just turn into some non-accumulating snow later.  We just do not need any more of this stuff.

Had a nice visit to Virginia Friday and Saturday.  The weather was sunny and a little warmer.  I worked out the days I was not traveling, and have been trying to cut back on the snacking.  That is more difficult at home than at work (which I may have mentioned before).

I find it difficult to write when I’m feeling pressure from other areas of my life.  In this case, work could be smoother.  I’m involved in hiring for my area and I’m not liking the result or some of the things that are happening.  I am truly ready to retire, but cannot afford to right now.  I guess I find it difficult to function when I have stuff hanging over my head.  I should quit worrying about things.  It’ll be what it’ll be.

Perhaps I’ll have more to say next week.  Trying to stay positive.

Until next week…


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