End of Week 94 – On the verge….

I weighed Friday and was down 1.75 pounds!  That was after weighing the previous Monday and being down a pound.  I like this team project.  It’s not so much what they are telling me.  I think that with me the effect is psychological.

I like being part of a team.  I am trying to lose weight so I can say I did my part for the Delaware State Employee weight loss team.  It gives me added incentive to keep going to the gym.  I made it all five days last week – even the morning that was windy with a wind chill of less than 15 degrees.  It keeps me from snacking too much at home after work – my most difficult time for snacking.  I think that it helps me to be accountable to others for my results. 

So, what’s the difference for me between this and something like Weight Watchers?  Well, for one thing, money.  Our budget is really tight (like whose isn’t? LOL!) and all the commercial plans cost.  Being a part of this team project is free.  Also, this project fits in perfectly with my personal project, the journey through the land of the Great Equation.  It provides me with just the right amount of accountability without making me feel there is someone in authority over me.  My individual personal information is kept confidential and no one bugs me about what I’m doing or whether I am following any rules.  I am accountable to the team, in the overall result, and that is enough to get me to make a real effort to be successful.  It is important that each of us figure out what type of environment we need to get us psychologically motivated.  What works for me may not work for you.

Today I am remembering my uncle, Joe Barksdale, who passed away yesterday morning after a long illness.  He was a handsome, brilliant, funny, loving man.  My memories of growing up around him, my Aunt Trudy and my cousins, Alicia and Christa, are among my fondest.  Being around them broadened my thinking and helped me to see the world from perspectives that did not always agree with those to which I was exposed at home.  I’ve ended up with a very nice blend of viewpoints, thanks in part to my time spent with the Barksdales over the years.  My love goes to all of them.

Finally, the various weather gurus are calling for another winter storm tonight, into midday Monday.  Snow in mid-March.  Not unheard of by any means, but still not welcome.  Everyone I know is saying, enough is enough.  However, nature is out of our control.  Of the last storm, the worst of the season, we all said, “This has to be Winter’s last hurrah!”  Mother nature apparently heard that and laughed.  Oh, well.  We’ll get through this one, too.

Until next week….


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