End of Week 93 – An Open Letter…

ImageWill update the weight picture soon. The team effort I am on for the State wants me to weigh on Tuesday.  I may do it on Monday.

The rest of this post is dedicated to my Mom.

Hi, Mom! Today is March 9th, and I’m sure you know it will never be our favorite day. It has been a year since you passed, but it is as fresh as if it happened yesterday. However, I hear you, and I get it.

The human experience is a double-edged sword.  Or, maybe just two sides of the same coin. Our species is unique in its awareness of our own mortality.  We not only have a survival instinct; we understand in detail that we die and what that involves. This understanding makes losing a loved one particularly hard, and the sorrow particularly long-lasting. The flip side is that this same mental development gives us long term memories.  We feel the loss, but we can also remember being with our loved ones and can recall in detail years of experiences with them. Awareness and memories. The uncomfortable and the comforting. The yin and the yang. The balance of life.

The awareness pops up when March 9, 2013 intrudes on my thoughts with its not so pleasant memories. Then I feel you with me, nudging me into better memories, urging me to concentrate on your wonderful life and our times together – not on how or when it ended. You are telling me to be strong, stay positive, continue to pursue what I want out of life – write, get healthy, help others, feed the birds. Smile. Laugh. Love. Live.

I hear you, Mom, and I get it.

Until next week…..


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