End of Week 91 – Milestones….

Still haven’t lost anything.  Haven’t gained, but it’s still frustrating; especially since I made it to the gym all five days.  However, that’s ok.  I figure I’m preparing for the 10-week State team project.  I’m planning on trying to get to the gym earlier in the mornings so I can put in more time on the elliptical, and I want to regularly use the treadmill and mat at home after work.

My weight loss project may be stalled, but other things are happening.  I am watching my son complete an important “right of passage” this week.  Tomorrow he starts his new job with the State of Delaware.  Last night he worked at Target for the last time.  As happy as he is to have this change, I could tell his emotions about leaving Target were mixed.  I think he called it “surreal”. 

I feel for him because I know what he is feeling.  He is not unhappy about leaving Target – he is totally ready.  What he is feeling is a sense that he has lost control.  No one likes the feeling that things are out of their control.  For more than five years Target has been his source of income.  As much as he has wanted a regular, full time job with benefits; he knows Target’s routine and has become comfortable with the way they do things.  Now he has left all that behind.  Whenever one leaves the familiar and takes a chance on something new there is that short span of time between the two when it feels like the base of life’s pyramid is missing.

Tomorrow morning he will have a new base to that pyramid, and it won’t take him long to get used to the new routines, policies and procedures.  In a short time he will be just as comfortable with his new position as he was at Target, and he will once again feel a sense of control.  I am very proud of my son and happy to see him embarking on this new chapter in his life!

Until next week…..


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