End of Week 89 – Winter Marches On…

Happy Birthday to my sister, Mary, this coming Tuesday!!  She is the youngest of us, helps children learn, and loves all animals.  The world could use more like her!

I lost another half pound, probably because I got to the gym four out of five days last week.  And, I haven’t replaced the nuts and peanut butter in my desk.  I really enjoy getting to the gym.  The only condition that stops me is icy roads, because in that case I try to spend as little time on the roads as possible.  But now our snow is gone and the roads are clear, even if it is cold, so I’m getting my $8.25 per month worth of working out.

My employer, the State of Delaware, is participating in a weight loss challenge that is team based.  It is sponsored by a Wilmington newspaper and Delaware State University, and runs from March 4th, for ten weeks.  There is going to be a “Delaware State Employees” team.  No prizes – just bragging rights.  But I like having a concrete goal and being a member of a successful group, so I signed up last week.  The goal is lifestyle change with helpful hints and increased activity.  They say a good result will be ten pounds in ten weeks.  I’m hoping for more.  I like that I signed up early.  I can spend February getting ready to participate.  We’ll see….

I now have my exercise ball and my floor mat.  Now I’m trying to figure out the best way to do the floor exercises.  I HATE getting down on the floor!  My bad knees make it almost impossible to get back up.  I suppose I could just be sure there is someone (like my husband or son) around to help me.  Embarrassing.  However, I may have to resort to that tactic.

Two of my diet buddies will be out week after next for a conference.  I hate dieting alone, but it’s only five days.  Oh, well, as I’ve always said, WE CAN DO IT!!!

Until next week….


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