End of Week 88 – Render Unto Caesar….

Lost half a pound.  Actually, a little more than half a pound, but I count only halves that I get through completely.  I have cleaned out my desk at work so that there are no more nuts or peanut butter – both healthy in moderation, but I find I tend to graze too much when they are so readily available.  Much like last week, I got to the gym twice (snow got in the way again), but made up for it with the treadmill.

I’ve had it with winter weather.  Of course, when the summer gets here and it is hot and humid I’ll say I’m tired of that.  At least the hot weather doesn’t keep me from tending to my bird feeders.  Today the snow in the back yard finally melted to the point that I could put out the sunflower seed.  My poor woodpeckers are looking for their suet cakes.  I’m out.  Guess I need to go shopping.

Yesterday I did our taxes.  Depressing.  We have to pay pretty much what we had to pay last year – way too much.  This happened when our son turned 24 and we lost him as a deduction.  How dare he grow up! LOL!  I love the way taxes work.  Unless you are a member of the 1%; the older you get the less you can afford the taxes and the more you end up owing.  Since we will never be part of the 1% we will never get our heads above water with the IRS.

Another financial oddity: Remember how those who retired always said “I’m on a fixed income”?  Well, my husband is retired and I am still working full time.  Guess which one of us is on the fixed income?  That’s right – ME!  My husband gets more of an increase through Social Security than I get in my salary – which has been NOTHING for the last several years, and may be 1% this year.  That 1% will be more than taken up by the fact that I must have more taxes taken out if I want to stop owing the IRS year after year.  My net pay will go down even with a 1% increase. 

It is times like these that make me feel I will never be able to retire.  Although, if I retire at 62 and get SocSec as well as my pension, maybe I will get the increases my husband is getting.

Today is SuperBowl Sunday.  Oh, joy.  The Ho-Hum Bowl.  I will be sitting in the living room while my husband watches it, trying to read I guess.  At least I’ll see the commercials.  I want to see the one with the Clydesdales and the puppy.

Tomorrow I will start another week trying to get to the gym more and trying to eat less and better.  I have a lot to work out with our finances and things at work are stressed to the max.  I just keep saying “This too shall pass.”  Better sooner than later.

Until next week….


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