End of Week 87 – Look Around….

“Look around.  Leaves are brown, and the sky is a hazy shade of Winter.”

Who remembers those lyrics from that old Simon and Garfunkle song?  It describes today perfectly.  Cold, windy, bare brown trees, and a hazy gray sky with a “snow sun”.  Held my own this week, which isn’t bad considering I made chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday.  Got to the gym twice, but also got on the new treadmill a few times.  I prefer the elliptical and find the treadmill boring, but I am determined to take advantage of having it at home.

I believe last winter I discussed how difficult it is to diet in cold weather.  Nothing has changed.  When the temps drop I forget about salads and think about pastas and stews and soups and casseroles.  I like hot foods in the winter, so I try to eat hot veggies instead of salads.  Of course, the secret to eating winter foods is portion control.  Use small plates and bowls, wear slightly tighter clothes, etc.  There are all sorts of tricks between the eyes and the stomach.

The predicted show showers have started.  it won’t amount to any accumulation, but it is nice to watch it fall from inside my nice, warm home.  The wind is quite strong, so the real danger today is the possibility of “whiteout conditions” while driving.  I ran my errands early, so I will not be on the road again today, thank heaven!  I hope all my diet buddies, family, and friends stay safe and warm.  As much as I hate the hot weather, even I have had enough of the snow and ice!  I’m ready for conditions that don’t tempt me to stay away from the gym.  We can, and we will, persevere!

Until next week…..


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