End of Week 86 – Back to Business…

The scale is slowly (very slowly) going down.  Lost a pound and a half this week.  Of course, it is still damage control and probably will be for a while, but at least I’m going in the correct direction.

We are still waiting for our new treadmill.  I usually run errands on Saturday so I think I will go to the store and check on it.  I’m really looking forward to having an easy way to get a second workout most days. 

I managed to get to the gym three times last week.  Then my leg developed “cellulitis,” which is what they always call it when I get a flare up of that infection that has landed me in the hospital three times in the last decade.  I am determined I WILL NOT go to the hospital this time!  As soon as I suspected what was happening I went to the doctor who put me on an antibiotic called Suprax.  Never heard of it, but it must be strong since I take it only once per day.  Up side is I don’t feel sick.  Usually I get a fever and lose two or three productive days and then the cellulitis kicks in.  If I have skipped the fever we are making progress!

I am writing this while sitting at my desk in my new “office” location, formerly known as the dining room.  I have arranged my bird feeders so I can see all the birds from where I sit.  Right before I started writing this post a large, red-breasted hawk flew in and perched on a low holly limb.  Our back yard must be part of its hunting area since I see it every so often.  It is a big, beautiful bird. However, I am glad it doesn’t come around a lot since it scares my other backyard birds away temporarily.

Our new cat, Olyvia, loves to sit on my computer.  It doesn’t matter if I am in the middle of working on something, like this post, she tries to walk right over my hands and onto my keyboard.  Must be the heat the machine generates.  If I really want to write I have to be firm with her about not relaxing where I am trying to work.  Sleuthy, on the other hand, has become the playful big brother; chasing Olyvia around the house, running from her, grooming her, napping with her.

Just placed a call and found out that the store failed to note that our treadmill was to be delivered and set up.  Good thing I called.  I was able to arrange for delivery tomorrow.  The treadmill will, I hope, become an important part of my journey through the Land of the Great Equation.  I need something to kick-start my new effort for this year.  WE CAN DO IT!!!

Until next week…



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