End of Week 85 – Gearing Up…

Ok, I’m beginning to drop the Christmas damage.  There wasn’t too much of it this time.  With the start of 2014 I am feeling good about focusing and getting back to what’s needed to make this a successful year.

I received some Amazon money for Christmas.  I used most of it to buy a stability ball and floor mat for exercise.  These things will enable me to continue the sciatic and core exercises I learned at physical therapy, which is exactly what I have a problem getting at the gym.  I will continue to go to the gym for my cardio work.  However, on days I can’t get to the gym, or just don’t want to, I will soon be able to use our new treadmill.  I hope it gets here soon.  I am also in the process of reevaluating my eating and correcting where I have gone wrong on my plan.  That is where I am on one of my resolutions.

On the other, I actually worked on my book last weekend, fleshing out three chapters to almost 3000 words.  I hope to work on it some more this weekend, but I also want to start rearranging my home office furniture so that I have a permanent place to write.  It is time to clear out space for the treadmill.  There is a lot of accumulated stuff to go through.  Perhaps a lot to throw out – we’ll see.  I am definitely NOT a hoarder.   I would much rather pitch something than clutter up my house.  We have 20 years of stuff to go through. It may take some time.

Our new kitty, Olyvia, is adapting to our family very well.  Sleuthy plays with her, and sometimes it seems a little rough.  But if we watch and don’t interfere, we see Olyvia takes it for only so long and then gives Sleuthy a good swat.  He stops, and she walks calmly away. She can certainly take care of herself.  I have also seen them eating and sleeping together.

So, how are you preparing to make 2014 the best year ever for fitness and weight loss?  I am determined this is going to be a year full of success!  WE CAN DO IT!!

Until next week….


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