Start of 2014 (Jan 3)

Ok, are we ready to start the new year?  I still have some preparation to accomplish.  We are getting our treadmill soon, so I need to move my stuff out of what has been my home office and into the dining room.  I’ll miss the back door, but the dining room has better windows.  I should still be able to see my backyard birds if I move the feeders a little.

We are greeting the new year with a new cat.  Sleuthy needed a playmate.  We found Olyvia through Purrfect Haven Cat Rescue.  They seem to like each other and they love to run around and play.  Sleuthy is two; Olyvia is 7 months.  I was surprised how easily Olyvia fit into our home and how easily she related to Sleuthy.

Woke this morning to about 5 inches of snow, bright sun, and strong, gusty, COLD wind.  Looks like we will have a real winter this year, at least for a few days.  Winter has been unusually mild the last couple of years.  It may be cold, and too windy to go out and enjoy the winter wonderland, but this weather brings one thing that I don’t usually see other times of the year – winter blue sky.  The air has been scrubbed by the storm and the winds have blown most of the pollutants away, so for a little while we have a sky of such an intense blue it almost hurts to look at it.  I love a winter blue sky.

As far as weight is concerned, I’m still holding, not losing, but I’m preparing to get back on plan after this week, which marks the end of the holidays for me.  I’m hoping to get back to my regular format next time I post.  Let’s work together to go forward on our project.  2014 will be year of accomplishment!  We can do it!

Until next week….




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