Year-End 2013 (Dec 29)

Ok, I am the first to admit I have not been successful at my various efforts to accomplish various things in 2013.  Notice I am not saying 2013 was a bad year, although, several events beyond my control spread over the year would certainly qualify as unfortunate.  The responsibility for not losing enough weight and not being able to write anything beyond my blog rests entirely with me.  A year is just a man-made temporal division based on the scientific observation of how the Earth travels around the Sun.  It cannot be good or bad.  Sometimes things happen to us, and sometimes we cause things to happen through either action or inaction.  How things seem to be over a certain period of time is the product of events.  Hence, the reason for New Year’s Resolutions. 

For two years I have promised myself that I would climb at least one flight of stairs at work every day I am there.  For two years I have kept that resolution.  I have now moved that resolution into the habit category.  It will no longer be one of my resolutions since I now do it automatically.

My resolutions for 2014 are simple. First, get back on track regarding my blog project.  This encompasses several different areas.  I must improve my exercise.  I must get back on my eating plan.  I must keep up with my blog entries.  Since this resolution covers so much, I am making only one other.

I want to get back to writing things other than my blog.  I have the start to a novel I need to flesh out.  I would like to try writing for children again.  The idea of writing short stories is interesting. It would feel good to be able to switch my mind from the factual/analytical to the creative.  I sometimes have a problem making that switch.

By the time I make my next blog entry 2013 will turn into 2014 and my wonderful husband and I will mark our 33rd wedding anniversary (Jan 2).  I am so blessed to still have him in my life.  I wish everyone Happy New Year!  I hope we all travel this next year together and we all have great results from our journey through the Land of the Great Equation (Eat Less + Move More = Weight Loss).  We can do it!

Until next week….. 


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