End of Week 81 – Home Stretch…..

Weight didn’t change this week.  I really have to look at what I’m eating since I am still getting to the gym and physical therapy has started, which is even more exercise.

We are approaching the end of 2013.  I am glad to be rid of this year, as is most of my family I’m sure.  It has been stressful and distracting.  However, I constantly try to remind myself that nothing is all bad.  My son graduated from college in 2013 and started his Masters studies.  That is a good thing and will always be a good thing, regardless of other memories this year has given us.

I need to get my Christmas shopping finished, which isn’t too much.  I need to do some baking and fudge making.  So much for the diet! LOL!  And this is the busiest time of year at work.  We have to get through license renewals and are preparing to put a lot of our licensees on a new nationwide system, which takes a lot of training and written communication. I am so ready to retire sometimes.  But we will get through this and things will feel better.

I am looking forward to going to lunch today with my son.  We like to have Saturday lunch at the local Dairy Queen, and today Santa will be there.  Last year I took a picture of Santa with my son, and this year I will get to update it.  Of course, my son is 25 so I’m not talking about a typical “kid with Santa” photo.  Last year is was what my son called a “Gangsta Santa” pose.  I have no idea what it will look like this year.  It will be fun, and I need some fun right now.

We will get through this, and it will be alright.  It will be a peaceful Christmas, if not exactly merry.  I refuse to be depressed – it is not what my mother would want.  We can do this!

Until next week….


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