End of Week 78 – A Year of Reminders….

Lost another pound.  I’m pushing my way through what I gained.  It is slow, but at least I am headed in the correct direction.  Thanksgiving is this week, but I don’t usually have a problem overeating on that particular holiday.

I am glad 2013 is almost over.  Intellectually, I know that the division of time is a man-made device.  As sentient beings we feel the need to organize our existence, so we divide our time into segments we can grasp and record, from seconds through centuries and millennia.  Of course, we base it on scientific observations such as the Earth’s rotation and revolution times, but in the end it is all just to make us feel better about how we view our time.

Unfortunately, there has been nothing intellectual about 2013.  The month of March was particularly emotional. A friend of mine lost her husband, I lost my mother and my husband landed in the hospital with pneumonia.  Just when the aftermath of all that started to die down (October/November) my husband again landed in the hospital for a quadruple bypass, and the same friend lost her father.  This year has been exhausting to say the least.

However, in the midst of the chaos there have been reminders that nothing is all bad, not even 2013.  My husband is alive and active, mentally and physically.  His clogged arteries were discovered because of the results of his annual physical, not because he had symptoms or a heart attack. 

I just had my annual physical and was told by my doctor, “Your numbers are damn near perfect.”  Since I was worried about developing Type 2 Diabetes this was music to my ears.  Of course, I need to continue losing weight, but my lab tests say I have good baseline health.

Yesterday I was stopped in a left-turn lane waiting for my arrow when I was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler.  I was not hurt.  My son was not hurt.  And amazingly, my car was not hurt – not even a scratch.  The truck driver was mortified, very nice, and extremely good at his job. The road was just wet enough that there was an oil sheen on the surface.  I believe that was the problem.  He was obviously trying to get that truck stopped and he almost succeeded.  I am thankful for him and his skill.  I am thankful that Honda knows how to build a really sturdy car!

Through all this and more I am reminded that no matter what happens there is good in life and plenty for which to be thankful.  I am still ready for this year to be over, but now it does not seem like the total disaster it felt like before.

I will always be my mother’s daughter, and she raised us to “suck it up” and get on with life! 

Don’t worry, Mom. I will.

Until next week….


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