End of Week 77 – The Calm Before The Storm…

Lost a pound.  Experiencing slow progress.

I got to the gym three times last week. That helped to keep me from gaining.  I enjoy my time at the gym because on the elliptical my left hip and leg do not hurt once I get going.  This week I need to exercise more and cut back on my already spare eating since I have an appointment with the doctor Wednesday morning.

Once again we are approaching one of the most difficult times of year for those of us attempting to travel the road through the Land of the Great Equation.  Don’t look now! It’s coming! RUN!  Too late.  The holidays start in just a couple of weeks.  We can’t escape them.

Not that we would want to, really.  Each of us has to find our own way of coping with the stress produced by this time of year.  Personally, I am going to concentrate on not letting sugar undo my recent efforts.  The regular food served at Thanksgiving and Christmas is not so bad.  Turkey, veggies, salad – nothing wrong with that in moderation.  I’ll need to watch the carbs a little, but I am not a big bread or potato eater anyway.  The hard part is going to be limiting cookies and fudge (pie and cake I can resist).  We all have our quicksand traps.  Each person must figure out how to use self-discipline.  Maybe you need to write down what you eat, or enter it into a smart phone app.  Perhaps you will decide to not make any sugary treats, sampling only what is made by others, so they are not in your house all the time.  Some of us may simply make mental notes of what we have to work off and get to the gym more to do it.

Whatever your solution is, just be sure to note the direction your weight is headed.  If you gain a little, don’t fret.  Don’t feel guilty.  Just try to balance it out going forward.  The holidays won’t last forever.  We will emerge in January as good as we entered in November, if not better.  WE CAN DO IT!!!

Until next week…..


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