End of Week 76 – In for the Long Haul….

Held my own again.  Since we went out to dinner one night last week, and it included dessert, I am thankful I did not gain.

We had a coupon for our favorite restaurant, but it was too crowded.  We ended up at a new place (new for our area), which meant we wanted to try their desserts.  I was very good about the main meal.  I had grilled catfish with broccoli.  It was great, and I took half of it home for lunch the next day.  Then came dessert.  My husband and I should have shared one, but we didn’t want the same thing.  I am not the chocoholic he is.  So, I had my own.  Oh, well.

I did make a point of getting to the gym the next morning, early enough that I could put in a little extra time on the elliptical.  I went Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I am planning on going this coming Monday despite the fact it is a holiday (Veterans Day) and my office is closed.  The gym I go to is large, well equipped, and very reasonable financially.  However, I also picked it because it is on my way to work and makes it easy to work out before my workday starts.  The flip side to that is that on days I do not go to the office it is a little inconvenient.  Doesn’t matter.  I’m working most of the time, so I make it to the gym most of the time.

At least I make it when I’m healthy enough.  Still being bothered by my left hip and leg.  It actually hurts most of the time, but it takes a lot to get me to stop exercising.  I decided to rest it Friday and this weekend, but I’ll be back at it on Monday.  The nice thing about getting to the gym when my office is closed is the abundance of time.  I don’t have to keep watching the clock and worrying about being late for work.

On another topic, I’ve been missing my Mom a lot lately, but this week I turned a small corner.  My mom died in March.  Just before that she turned 80 (December 2012).  My family had a big party for her at my sister’s house.  I was planning on attending, to the point that I bought a new outfit for the occasion.  I got embroidered jeans with a sequined top in a smaller size than I had been buying, and they fit! Then my family and I got sick – some kind of virus – and we could not make the party.  My mom’s doctor said she should not be around anyone sick.  Besides, I didn’t want to spread it all over the family.  Although we talked to mom and everyone by computer, it just wasn’t the same.  I did not get to see my mom again before she passed.  I could not even look at the outfit I bought.

Yesterday I found the embroidered jeans in my bedroom.  After looking at them for a couple of minutes I tried them on.  They still fit!  I think Mom was telling me to put them on – that they would make me feel good.  She was right.  The moral of this story is, always listen to your mother!

Until next week….


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