End of Week 74 – A Little More Progress….

I lost another pound and a half!  And the digit in the “tens” place changed!  I am finally starting to see some light at the end of my “fixing the damage” tunnel.  I still have about 12 pounds to go before I can say I’ve undone all the damage from last Spring, but I’m finally feeling as though I can do it.

My husband, Michael, continues his recovery from quadruple bypass heart surgery.  He refuses to take a narcotic for pain, so he hurts a little more than he has to, but I can understand not wanting to become dependent on that type of medicine.  He is on enough different medications that I had to buy a pill organizer to keep track of things and save some time when he takes them.  Not all the prescriptions are permanent.  He will eventually be weaned off of several.

The latest problem is a large blood clot that has formed at one of his IV sites in his left arm.  The surgeon put him on yet another medication for that.  The clot formed at the site of the blood transfusion that Michael didn’t want in the first place, so he is more than a little irritated about the whole thing.  Can’t say I blame him.

I am a little tired.  It wouldn’t be so bad except that I am fighting a problem with the sciatic nerve on my left side.  At least I think that’s what it is.  I’ve talked to some friends who have gone through it and my symptoms are almost identical to theirs.  Makes it hard to walk.  The pain comes and goes and starts at the back of the left side of my rear end and radiates down the outside of my leg.  I’m trying to stretch it out and rest it some, but I am still going to the gym and getting on the elliptical.  It actually feels better while I am on the machine.

My Cardinals are leading the World Series two games to one at the moment.  They are playing the three middle games in St. Louis, so they can win it all there if they sweep the next two games (today and Monday), but they can’t lose it all there.  I suspect the Series will end up in Boston in six or seven games.  The two teams are very well matched.  Go Cards!!!

Until next week….


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