End of Week 73 – One Foot In Front Of The Other….

Mid October, 2013.  I lost another pound.  Maybe the damage I did last spring is finally going away.  I got to the gym four out of five days last week, so that is improving as well.

Spent the week traveling back and forth to the hospital in Milford, about 20 miles to the south. Finally got my husband home on Friday.  Have been trying to figure out his meds, talking to nurses, doctors, and the pharmacy; trying to keep the house going; cooking; cleaning what I can; figuring out how I can get to the office. Thank heaven the grass has stopped growing.  I have to schedule my work time around all my husband’s follow-up appointments, beginning this coming Monday.  Speaking of Monday, I have an appointment with the orthodontist first thing tomorrow morning.  I’m tired, but I’m SO glad Michael is home!

Friday night I had my first and only dream about my mother since she passed.  It was detailed, vivid, and I remember it even today.  I’m convinced it was a visit, since regular dreams are harder to remember most of the time.  Then I found out that my sister, Cathy, also had her first “Mom Dream” this past week.  Mom has been busy!!

Looking forward to the World Series.  GO CARDINALS!!!!

Until next week…..


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