End of Week 71 – In the Hospital….

Gained a pound, but considering how the week has been, that’s not bad.  Just have to make sure I stop the gaining NOW.

The cardiac bypass surgery was successful and my husband is recovering in the hospital.  I have been running there, to work, and back home each day.  Eating has been sporadic and unpredictable.  I got to the gym only once, which is probably why I gained.  Monday I am going to the gym, then to the office, then to the hospital, which will make for a more normal day.

I have been trying to pick healthy food.  The little store in the hospital has tuna and chicken and egg salads in scoops on lettuce so I don’t have to get a sandwich.  They have bottled water.  For dinner last night at home I picked up a salad with chicken.  Not sure what I’ll have tonight, but I’ll figure out something.

It is the lack of exercise that is doing the most damage.  I must get back to the gym.  I WILL get back to the gym!

Until next week….


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