End of Week 70 – Anticipation…..

Still maintaining, which is no surprise for the same reason I discussed last week.  What happens going forward will depend largely on events out of my control.

This upcoming Monday should be normal – gym early, go to work, spend the evening at home.  Tuesday will be almost normal, with an appointment at the cardiac surgeon’s office in the afternoon.  After Tuesday, all hell breaks loose.

My husband is having cardiac bypass surgery very early Wednesday morning.  It will be hard enough getting him there at 5am and then waiting for hours while he undergoes the procedure.  The really hard part is going to be trying to communicate with everyone who wants to know how he is afterward.  My family wants to know; his family wants to know; the people I work with want to know; the crew at his part time job wants to know; my son and his friends want to know.  Fortunately, I think I have contact points for each of these groups who will spread the word after I call or email.

I will try to get to the gym each day next week, except Wednesday.  I’ll do the best I can to stick to my eating plan – I just don’t know when I will be eating or where I will be (probably at the hospital most of the time).  Anticipation is the worst!  I’ll feel a lot better after it is all over and we just have to worry about recovery.

The good news is all the medical people say there is nothing about my husband that indicates there should be any complications.  His blood work was great; his lungs are functioning at 100%; he has had no heart attack symptoms; his heart scans show the heart itself is very healthy.  He just has some vascular blockages that need to be bypassed.

I will try to write my regular weekly post next weekend, but forgive me if events keep me from completing this task as thoroughly as I like to.  Once we are through this a description of how it affected this project and my journey through the Land of the Great Equation should be interesting.  I just keep thinking, we can do it!!

Until next week…..


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