End of Week 69 – Stick With It….

Held steady this week.  This doesn’t surprise me.  Looking back on past entries I see that each time I lost a lot of weight in a week, it was followed by a couple of weeks of maintaining.  Since I lost four pounds last week, it makes sense that my body would slow the process for a time.  I just have to be sure I keep to the plan until my system decides to get back in gear.

It appears that summer is over, at least meteorologically.  We had a relatively mild summer anyway.  Maybe one real hot stretch, but mostly very average temps.  There was a lot of rain. Now the weather patterns have changed – the Jet Stream has probably shifted.  The rains have stopped; high pressure is coming out of the north bringing cooler temps, drier air and bright blue sky.  The blue of the sky when the humidity is down is intense.  I’ve always thought of it as “Autumn Blue”.   Highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s.  This is my kind of weather!!

I’m still getting used to my permanent retainer I mentioned last week, or at least part of me is.  The left side of my tongue says “What retainer?”, but the right side is being tortured.  I hope time makes a difference.  I have a follow up appointment later in October.  Until then, I am trying to make this work to my dieting advantage.

The news is still interesting.  The US House of Representatives is demonstrating its idiocy again.  Many moons ago, my husband went to school with the current Speaker of the House, back in Ohio.  He says the guy didn’t know what he was talking about then, and he still doesn’t. LOL!  My husband is conservative, but he cannot abide what the Republican Party is doing now.  Amazing.  I have my opinions, of course, but right now I’m trying to concentrate on getting through the upcoming medical situation (husband’s bypass surgery) while still losing weight and helping my son with his plans for becoming a counselor and a musician.  That is quite enough for me!  I have never thought of my office as a place of peace and serenity, but considering what will be happening at home in the near future, my perceptions may change.

In any event, here’s hoping everyone has a successful week, and that you get to enjoy beautiful autumn weather!

Until next week….



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