End of Week 68 – Breakthrough…

Down four pounds!  Now we’re getting somewhere!

I know why I’ve finally made some progress.  First, I’ve deliberately avoided buying cookies.  I LOVE cookies, and if they are in the house I know I will eat them.  Of course, it has been more than one week, but I guess it took a while for this change to have an effect on me.

Second, last Wednesday I got a permanent retainer put on my bottom front teeth.  My tongue is VERY sore and it has been difficult to eat or drink almost anything.  The retainer is permanently affixed to the inside of the teeth and it’s the kind of thing that the tongue just cannot leave alone.  This would not be so bad except that there is one spot with what feels like an exposed wire that is treating my tongue like a cheese slicer, making one spot sore to the point of injury.  I have an appointment to get it fixed, but until then the pain is wearing on me.  It certainly makes it easier to not buy cookies!

Anyone who is trying to lose weight, even those who realize the secret to losing is sticking to the Great Equation, faces the question of what to eat.  Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about that because there are three adults in my household and we each have different needs. 

My husband has type 2 diabetes and blocked vessels around his heart.  His doctors want him to eat more “green leafys,” avoid red meat, limit sweets, etc.  His cardiac surgeon suggested becoming vegetarian.  My husband just looked at him like he was crazy.

My son wants to lose some weight and get in better shape.  He is exercising regularly, but he really needs to improve some things about his diet.  Of course, I want to lose weight and am actively trying to improve my eating habits.  We could both benefit from the advice of my husband’s doctors.  Except for one thing…..

I regularly give platelets at our local Blood Bank – about once a month – and to do that I must have a hemoglobin count of at least 12.5.  For some reason, I have difficulty reaching this number.  Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that one of the main weapons used to increase hemoglobin is red meat.  Basically, foods that help hemoglobin are high in cholesterol.  There are supplements, but I am not a pill popper and don’t want to add to what I already take.

So, diabetics need to eat one way, heart patients another (although they are very similar), dieters need to use the best parts of both plans, and those giving blood/platelets need something else.  And, of course, there is the question of taste.  Humans will not eat what they don’t like most of the time.  We don’t have enough money to buy double or triple groceries for all these eating plans, and I have to be sure that what I buy will actually be consumed.

In the long run, I believe it will be ok.  “They” say the best way to avoid type 2 diabetes is to eat like you already have it.  I can’t think of any goal we can’t meet by sticking to veggies, whole grains, chicken and fish.  I’ll just have to try to time my occasional forays into the world of beef to coincide with my trips to the Blood Bank.

We can do it!!

Until next week….


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