End of Week 67 – “And that’s the way it is….”

Down half a pound; limited gym; hope to do better next week.

Cronkite said it best when he signed off on his news broadcasts.  That IS the way it is.  By that I mean I am realizing I have to accept all the stuff that has been happening as the way of the world, not just temporary stressors.  I need to adjust my life (again!) so that I fit my healthy eating and exercise (remember the equation!) into my days of medical tests, appointments, and procedures; car repairs, job interviews, crap at work, trying to stretch money at home. etc., all of which seems to be hitting at once.  I had no idea how calm my life was prior to this!

The point is, I have to stop looking at all this as temporary emergencies.  It’s just life, and in life shit happens, as they say.

Currently (late summer/early fall 2013) a lot of people I know are talking about what our country is going to do about Syria.  Will we proceed with a military strike because Assad used chemical weapons on his own people?  Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?  If we strike, what type of strike will it be?  Now that we have broadcast what we are thinking to everyone who will listen, and have postponed any possible strike while Congress gets its act together (that’ll be a first!), will a strike accomplish our goal?  Face it, Assad has had plenty of time to prepare for anything we might do, and he knows exactly what we are thinking.  All he has to do is turn on the news.

The answer to all those questions is “no one knows.”  The roles and the lines have become blurred.  I am going to do my version of praying (more like sending out positive thoughts) and hope that in the end what we do is best for everyone who will be affected.

Just remember that whether the weapon is gas, a bullet, or a bomb, the result is the same.  I truly believe that the United States cannot keep those in other countries from killing each other if they are determined to do it – no matter how much we would like to be able to.

Well, enough about the international scene.  Here hoping the next seven days are more productive than the last!

Until next week….


1 thought on “End of Week 67 – “And that’s the way it is….”

  1. I guess Pres.Obama doesn’t want us to look like we are letting Nazi’ kill innocent people. What a difficult situation to be in. I am sending light for the Highest Good to be made manifest for ALL.Luv, Carol

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