End of Week 65 – Forging Ahead…

I lost two pounds last week! WOOO HOOO! I won’t post actual numbers until I correct all the damage from March, April and May, but I am on my way!  It may take a while.

I got to the gym daily, but not twice a day.  My right knee was bothering me, but I did my full workouts anyway.  I was just very careful about getting on and off machines and such.

I’ve shifted my eating a little.  First step is substituting broccoli and cauliflower for my frozen lunches three times a week.  I’d eat the veggies everyday, but even I would get bored with that, and I’m the type who can eat the same thing for a while.  One slice of multi-grain toast with Smart Balance (trademark) peanut butter is either a mid morning snack or part of lunch.  Seems to work best as a snack.

And water – always lots of water.

In the world of fast food I tried to stay with salads, dressing on the side.  By making these adjustments I was able to eat what my husband made for our dinners on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  We bring in dinner on Thursdays and Fridays, which is when I make sure I get the salads.

Next step is to substitute oatmeal for the frozen breakfasts, probably three times a week just like the veggies for lunch.  Oatmeal has never been my favorite cereal, but I’ve become used to it.  It will be regular oatmeal from a canister, not instant, and  I’ll probably sweeten it with Truvia (trademark) and cinnamon (just cinnamon, not cinnamon sugar).

One of my diet buddies had a birthday last weekend.  Another is witnessing the birth of her second granddaughter.  This coming week my husband and I will find out more about his medical issues.  It is good to have the support of friends through the joyous events as well as the not-so-fun times.  I am so grateful for my buddies!  We push through everything together.

Until next week….


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