End of Week 64 – Figuring it out…

Down half a pound.  I guess last week wasn’t a total disaster for a change.

I went to the gym Monday through Friday and managed a second trip two of those days.  I also got back on the resistance machines to work my upper body (biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back).  It felt good to do some muscle work.  Now, if I could just figure out a way to do abs without getting on the floor I’d be set.

I’ve often heard that the best way to prevent Type 2 Diabetes is to eat and exercise like you already have it.

I’m preparing to make some adjustments in my eating.  I went to the Blood Bank and they always take a small sample of blood for glucose testing (if you want them to – it’s voluntary).  Two days later I looked up the results.  My non-fasting number was 145!  It has never been that high.  I need to make some changes that steer me away from sweets and white flour carbs, and back toward the green leafy veggies and whole grains.  I really like veggies and whole/multi grains so this change should not be too difficult.  I think I’ve just gotten a little slack and maybe not paid close enough attention to what I’ve been eating.  Could explain a lot.  I’m hoping a combination of revised eating and more exercise will bring my numbers down in both glucose and weight.

My son has his follow up appointment for the Corrections psyche eval today.  Last week he applied for three Corrections Counselor positions that posted on the State web site.  We already know he met the minimum qualifications for the position up north.  He should receive similar confirmations from the other two (middle and south) since the positions, the minimum quals and the applications are identical.  He is still doing the workout from the academy.  He wants to be ready to take on whichever position comes his way first.

I’m feeling different.  I’m feeling ready to progress.  I no longer feel like I’m stuck or mired in uncontrollable circumstances.  I recognize this feeling – it happens when I have finally figured out what to do and am ready to do it.  I hope it lasts.

Until next week….


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