End of Week 63 – Summer drags on….

Still holding my own.  My frustration level is building.  I think I may be getting to the point of finally figuring out what to do.

I still have not visited the gym twice a day, but at least I didn’t let anything interfere with my daily visits.  I worked out Monday through Friday and didn’t let anything stop me.  I also got there earlier in the morning so I had more time to work out.

Since summer is not my favorite season I am trying to concentrate on finding things I enjoy doing.  Today I am going to the only book store in our area – Acorn Books.  They are hosting a regional author, Liz Dejesus, whose work I truly enjoy.  I’m planning on buying her latest, Glass Frost, in hard copy.  I bought the first book in her Frost series, First Frost, through my Kindle.  I love writers and I love book stores!

I have read that there is a meteor shower this month, in a few days.  If I can make myself stay awake I’d like to watch at least for one night.  We have a security light in our back yard, but if I go in the front and use the house as a shield I don’t think it will pollute the night sky too much.

My son is being put through his paces applying for the position of Correctional Officer in the Delaware Dept of Corrections.  The department has also posted for counselors in each of the three main prisons, so he is going to apply for all those as well.  Counseling is what he really wants to do.  The really funny thing is he just had his psyche evaluation with them.  He is among the first candidates to be subjected to it.  They’ve never done this before.  He also practices the physical fitness circuit several times a week so he will not be out of shape when he starts the academy class in October.  I’m very proud of him.

Until next week…..



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