End of Week 62 – And again….

Happy birthday, Mr. President!

Still not losing, but not gaining.  Need to figure out how much I have to change to get things going again.

My son’s car wouldn’t start – needed a new battery.  We had to get the clothes dryer fixed.  My husband is dealing with a rather serious medical situation.  I think I need to just drop back ten yards and punt.  I don’t want to say, “What else can go wrong?” because we all know what can happen then.  There is plenty of stuff that can happen, I’m sure. 

I wanted some healthy snacks for work, so I bought some V8 juice (low sodium) and a jar of Smart Balance peanut butter.  I have enough frozen breakfasts and lunches to last the week.  I need to get to the gym more.  I went everyday last week, but I wanted to go twice.  Circumstances did not allow for that.  I’ll try again this week.

At least the weather has improved.  Temps in the 80s, humidity is not sky high, rains occasionally but not so that it is inconvenient.  This coming week is supposed to be pretty nice.

The birds in my backyard seem to enjoy this weather.  As I type there is a pretty male cardinal flying from feeder to feeder, feasting on sunflower seed.  Today I’ve seen Titmice, Goldfinches, Doves and Squirrels, in addition to the Cardinals.  I love watching the birds.  I have a brother who is very good with a camera, and who posted a series of pictures of humming birds fighting over a feeder.  They were wonderful!

Perhaps this coming week will be successful.

Until next week…


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