End of Week 61 – Life Strikes Again….

The New Look

The New Look

Holding steady, which is not bad considering this week was a partial disaster.

My husband’s car broke down.  He had to drive my car, so I didn’t have a way to the gym.  I didn’t get to work out until Thursday and Friday.  Of course, I tried to do things like climb stairs at work, but it’s not the same.

This coming week should be normal as far as workouts are concerned, since the car is fixed.  I’m off from work Monday due to a medical procedure for my husband (they won’t let him drive afterward), but it isn’t until 11am so I should be able to get to the gym early.

After six years of long hair, my son decided to cut his short in preparation for becoming a Correctional Officer.  We hope this is the first step toward becoming a Corrections Counselor.  He decided this on his own, and while he is not happy he had to do it, he is determined to succeed in this career path and knows there are certain things he must do to make it work.  I’m very proud of him.

Seeing him do this made me realize that we all must convince ourselves to do what we must to succeed in whatever project we engage.  He is making sure he meets the expectations of the Department of Corrections.  I need to decide what changes I need to make to get my weight loss project going again – and then DO IT!!!  I have good support and I know what works, but in the end I am the only one who can make me succeed.

Boy, am I in trouble!!  (LOL!!)

Until next week….


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