End of Week 60 – Slowly, slowly

Lost half a pound! And you know how I am – I never claim a loss unless the scale shows me I covered the entire thing.  I do not “round up.”  I just keep telling myself that down is better than up.  I’ve done enough “up” for a while! LOL!

With apologies to Michael Hicks and his references to his “gratuitous kitty pictures,” here is my gratuitous bird report.  I am sitting beside my back door and the goldfinches seem to be out in force.  There are two or three females with their brownish feathers, and several males.  The males seem to be a particularly bright yellow this year.  There are also some titmice and the ever present cardinals.  I haven’t seen any grackles in a while.  Perhaps they moved on.  The blue jays, red winged black birds, and house finches must be taking a break. Besides birds, I have seen plenty of squirrels, young rabbits (I love rabbits!) and the occasional deer.

Back to the project!  I have decided I MUST find a way to get to the gym twice per day, most of the time.  I’m sticking to my eating plan, so the only way to speed up my weight loss is to increase my exercise.  (Again, the equation!)  I think I’m going to try going after work three or four days this coming week.  I try this every so often.  I never seem to be able to keep it up.  I’ll try harder this time.

Ah, the house finches are coming out!

Until next week….


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