End of Week 59 – Doldrums….

Lost a pound!  I hope this is the beginning of new progress.  I have to fix damage from March and April, but you gotta lose that first pound before you can lose the rest, right?

The Zimmerman trial is over.  Hooray!!  Now if we can just get the press, the NAACP, the entertainment industry, and just about everyone else to stop politicizing it, we’ll be in good shape.

We closed on our refi last week.  Went from over 6 percent to under three, and cut 10 years off the term of the loan, with a minimal increase in payment.  Definitely a win-win!

Summer has arrived with a vengeance. Last week was rainy.  Some places had 8 or 9 inches of rain in one day!  We had around 3 or 4.  This coming week is supposed to be sunny and in the 90s.  I’d rather see rain.  Summer is not my favorite season.

However, there is one advantage to Summer – it is salad season!  I don’t like eating salads in the Winter, but in the hot weather I can eat them all the time.  As much as I hate the heat I must admit it is a little easier to stick to healthy eating habits in Summer.  I’m hoping my diet buddies and I can make some real progress over the next few weeks.

It’s time to climb back on that horse and continue our journey through the Land of the Great Equation!  We can do it!!!

Until next week….


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