End of Week 58 – Of Cats and Cicadas….

Still maintaining, still frustrated.  I wish I could get started losing again. 

Sometimes I think I have to reach a certain level of frustration before I become truly motivated.

I am sitting in my home office, looking out the back door at the birds and squirrels using the bird feeders.  It sounds like the cicadas finally came out.  Very noisy.  I’ll have to close the door pretty soon due to the heat.

Lt. Col. Sir Zachariah Alouysious McSleuthberger III, JD, PhD, known as Sleuthy, is keeping me company. He thinks he protects me from all the backyard invaders like cardinals, titmice, blue jays and house finches with their little red heads.  He particularly enjoys stalking the squirrels.  Of course, he does all this from the safety of the house.

So far growing conditions have been perfect this summer.  The corn in the fields around our property looks green and healthy, shooting toward the sky like it’s running a race.  We get rain, then sun, in the most balanced arrangement I’ve seen in many years.  Now that the heat has really arrived I hope we don’t lose all our rain.  We usually go through at least one minor drought each summer.  It would be nice if this year were an exception to that.

Looking at the display while typing this I notice that my print has suddenly turned blue.  I don’t know why, but it will be interesting to see if it publishes in two different colors.  I’ll preview this entry and see.

Perhaps this coming week will be more promising for the weight loss project.  I may be frustrated, but I refuse to give up!!  Looking forward to seeing my diet buddies.

Until next week…..Image


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