End of Week 57 – Again, really?

I didn’t lose any weight last week, but I didn’t gain any.  If I ever lose the weight I want to lose, maintaining should be a breeze.  I’ve had plenty of practice!

I believe last week I mentioned that our riding lawn mower was stolen and our air conditioner quit.  We managed to resolve those issues.  Since then our coffee maker died, we lost all water pressure, the gas trimmer broke and our home alarm system malfunctioned.  In the middle of all this our new riding mower would not start.  We’ve managed to resolve these issues as well, but having all this happen at once does nothing for my stress levels.

I am a stress eater.  However, I think I controlled myself fairly well considering what’s gone on the last two weeks.  If I gave in and ate the way I used to when under stress I would have gained weight.  I’m hoping this means I’m slowly but surely changing my lifestyle for the better.

It’s interesting.  I live in a home where there are three adults and a cat.  Each of us, the cat included, has our own dietary issues.  I want to lose weight for my general, overall health.  My son wants to lose weight for that reason, and also because he is working on his fitness so he can pass the physical fitness test in the Corrections Academy.  My husband’s additional reason is to control his type 2 diabetes.  The vet has told us our cat needs to lose a little weight.  He gained 3 ounces last month.  Doesn’t sound like much, but when your ideal weight is only 10 pounds every ounce counts.  Being a typical cat, he doesn’t care; so I do his worrying for him.  He really doesn’t eat very much, so we think we need to make him play more. 

Even with cats the equation holds true.  Eat less plus move more equals weight loss.  I guess we all have our unique situations.

Until next week….


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