End of Week 56 – Really?

First off, Tuesday was my birthday.  I turned 60.  The only thing I can say about that is it beats the alternative.  On my birthday we discovered someone stole our almost new riding lawn mower.  On Thursday our central air quit working.  Needless to say, dieting was not high on my list of priorities last week.

I’m hoping next week will be better.  I think I have a week of normal schedule, no appointments and no special events at work.  Work out and eat healthy – that’s what I’d like to do next week.

We’re expecting our first real heat wave of the summer this week.  It should hit or get close to 90 every day until next weekend.  Of course, the weather in this area is difficult to forecast, but we are known for these heat waves in the summer and it’s just about time.  Not sure how the heat will affect my exercise.  I don’t like going out in 90 degree weather.  If I can get some extra time in the mornings, I might not have to go out in the heat.  I can’t let it cut my workouts short, so we’ll see….

I need a vacation.

Until next week….


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