End of Week 55 – Still Slow…..

The scale crept down about a pound and a half this week.  Down is better than up.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads I know. 

It was a busy week.  Worked all week; went to the gym all five work days; went twice on two of those days.  Had a Blood Bank appointment Wednesday afternoon.  Took my son to order his new glasses.  Drove him up to New Castle, DE to find the Graduate Center of Wilmington University so he’d know where he was going this Wednesday (he has a meeting to schedule his first Master’s classes).

I tried to watch my eating and I guess I did an ok job since the scale went down.  It may be a little more difficult this coming week with my birthday being Tuesday and all.  Don’t think I’ll discuss it much – maybe next week.

I’m getting frustrated with my writing.  I think I’m going through a concrete phase.  That’s how I’ve come to think of the times when I feel I have ideas, but they can’t get through the concrete clogging up my mind.  Not sure how to break the concrete up.

My diet buddies will be back at work tomorrow.  I’ve missed them.  I’m watching the birds and squirrels in my back yard.  They are congregating around my bird feeders.  I need a vacation.  Maybe that’s what I need to clear my mind?  We’ll see.

Until next week…..


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