End of Week 54 – Slow….

The scale is creeping down – lost about a pound this week, which is better than nothing.

I’m trying to get my mind back in the same gear it was a year ago.  That was when my program was working best.  I got to the gym twice on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and once on Friday.  Had an appointment on Tuesday that interfered with the whole day.  I tried to stick to my eating plan, even when I was on the road Tuesday.  We had Chinese for lunch and I stuck with the mixed veggies instead of the fried meats.

This coming week I have an appointment on Wednesday afternoon, but I’ll be able to get to the gym at least once that day, and twice on the other days I hope.  My husband stocked up on my frozen breakfasts and lunches, God love him!  He is worried I will get discouraged.  It has nothing to do with how he wants me to look.  In over 30 years of marriage he has never been critical of my appearance.  It is because he knows how much this means to me.

Two of my diet buddies are out of the office this coming week, but one is still there and we will do our best to support each other.  I can really feel the difference just a few extra pounds makes in things like how my joints work.  My left hip is driving me nuts, but I don’t want to go to the doctor until I see if losing this extra weight again helps.  I think it should, but we’ll see.

The thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter if you slip up, or take a break from the strict program (as I apparently did).  It doesn’t matter if you gain back some of the weight.  It is never too late to regroup and lose the weight again, and then continue on to lose more!  Remember, we started this whole project at some point, and back then we were heavier and felt worse than now.  We can do it!!

Until next week….


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