Week 51 – Beginning the Turn-Around…

I weighed and I’m down about a pound.  Not much, but it’s a start.  I hope this means I’m finally on the road to correcting the damage done in March and April.

This detour on my journey through the Land of the Great Equation has taught me a couple of things.  First, it doesn’t take much backsliding to make me feel the difference, physically.  Even these few pounds put back on has made a difference in how I feel while walking, climbing stairs, etc.  The only activity where I don’t really feel any different is my workout on the elliptical, thank heaven!

Second, as important as this journey is, and as much as I think about my plan, life goes on even during detours.  While I’ve been trying to get back on track I’ve also been taking a trip to Virginia for a dedication to my mother; working full time; getting my car serviced (spending lots of money I don’t have.  Oh, well.); helping my son gather the information he needs to apply for the position of Corrections Officer and the information he needs to apply for the Masters Program he wants; getting ready for my son’s college graduation and the overnight company it brings; preparing to take all our guests out to dinner after the graduation ceremony; trying to think about writing, feeding my backyard birds; etc., etc.

If idle hands are the devil’s workshop, he knows there is no room in this house for him!! LOL!

Busy is good.  I don’t think as much about eating when I’m busy.

This coming week is graduation (Wednesday).  We are so proud of our son! The only thing I am dreading is that the weather is going to be hot – they are predicting 90 degrees.  It will be great, regardless.

Graduation is followed by Memorial Day Weekend and my year anniversary on this project.  This latest backsliding means I’m not as far along as I hoped I’d be at this point, but I also know this is something I can fix.  It is going to be okay as long as I have my family and my diet buddies!

Until next week….


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