End of Week 50 – More changes….


Can’t seem to make any progress toward undoing the damage to my weight.  I’m going to try to make myself do what I did after Christmas – take a couple of weeks and just concentrate on strict adherance to the plan.  Try to avoid distractions, which seem to abound lately.  Of course, there are more distractions coming up, especially with a graduation right around the corner.

Just returned from a dedication ceremony in Virginia.  A plaque in honor of my mother is being placed in the office of the Interfaith Warehouse.  Both the ceremony and plaque were lovely.  Mikey and I went.  We saw the memorial garden at Mom’s church, visited with Papa and went to dinner.  Saw my sister, Mary.  The weather was great and the birds were singing.

This coming week should be fairly calm.  The following week will not be.  Mikey graduates from Wilmington University on May 22nd with his Bachelors’ degree.  Today I submitted his application for a Masters program at the same school.  At graduation I think we will have the three of us, Mikey’s girlfriend Kiaya, her folks Karen and Paul, Mikey’s grandfather and his long time friend Chris.  We will all go out for dinner afterward.  I mean, he may get other degrees but this first accomplishment happens only once!  I want it to be special.

Mikey also is trying to become a Corrections Officer.  He is in the middle of applying.  We have to gather a lot of information and he will have to go through a very tough training program.  With his luck, he’ll have to do that while starting his graduate program classes.

It stormed all morning, but the sun is out now and the weather seems to be breezy.  Time to go out and do things. 

Until next week…..


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