End of Week 49 – Plugging Along….

I went to my health review last week and their scales said I weigh 285.  I guess I’ve gained back more than I thought, but I will say I had a shirt, heavy sweater, heavy slacks, and a pair of men’s New Balance shoes on.  I weighed my outfit when I got home and it came to seven pounds!  So, I’d say that is where most of the extra weight came from.  Normally I would not wear that type of thing anywhere I might get weighed, but our weather is still so cool!  We can’t seem to get out of the 50s and 60s.

My eternal thanks to all my friends and family who voted daily (or even occasionally) in the Walmart Grant Challenge for Dover First Seventh Day Adventist Church!  The top 60 programs won grants, and Dover SDA came in at number 60 when it was all over!!  They are on the leaderboard and will get their grant!  They could not have done it without the help of everyone who voted.  My diet buddy is thrilled and grateful!

Going to Old Dover Days today with my son.  We have not been to this together in several years.  He wants to have lunch there and look at the vendors.  At least we’ll be walking around. 

I did get to the gym everyday again this week.  On Wednesday my left knee decided to come apart while I was on the elliptical, but it’s better now.  Thank heaven I still have my cane from when I had to go to therapy for the knee.  That, and knowing the exercises for it, helped.

This coming Thursday the Northumberland Interfaith Council is dedicating a plaque to my mother, who essentially saved the organization a decade ago and led it into a new era of community service. The plaque will eventually be placed at the Interfaith Warehouse, but the dedication will be at her church in Kilmarnock. 

It is a beautiful, if cool, Saturday.  The birds are particularly noisy today and I just love it.  I always feel like Mom is visiting when I hear the birds.  Good weather for Old Dover Days.

Until next week….


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