End of Week 48 – So, now what?

My weight is unchanged (276).  I can’t seem to get the ball rolling on losing again.  Not sure what’s going on, but I think part of it is that I’m still on the steroid medication.  I’m looking forward to finishing that!  I’ve had a terrible sweet tooth for a couple of weeks.  I’m almost at a year into this project and I seem to be losing ground.

On the positive side, I got to the gym all week again, which is probably why I seem to have leveled off.  My health review is Monday (something sponsored by the State of Delaware, for which I work.  I get extra money for participating).  I wish I was further along.

Things are still very busy.  My son finished his undergrad classes and is now just waiting for his graduation ceremony.  He has to decide whether to go ahead and try for his Masters.  I hope he does.  Besides being in a field where a Masters is needed (counseling), he would be able to stay on our health insurance for another year if he is a full-time student.  Also, his student loans would be deferred for a while.  Fortunately, Wilmington University is very affordable so he would not end up in nearly as much debt as with some other schools.

We got rid of our old living room furniture.  I hope the new love seat and recliners will arrive before graduation.

Please go to wm8.walmart.com/hunger and vote for DOVER FIRST SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH so they can win a grant from Walmart to buy food for disadvantaged children.  The person who runs that program is a diet buddy of mine.  I’ve known her for close to 24 years.  I can guarantee you every cent of the grant, if they get it, will go toward buying food for the children.

Until next week….


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