End of Week 46 – Assessing Damage…

Ok, I weighed in at 276.  I’ve gained a lot and must get back on track!  What this proves to me is that my suspicion that I am a stress eater is correct.

I must convince myself to quit eating fast food chicken and switch back to salads.  That should be easier now that the weather is warming, at last!  I must limit my sweets.  Yeah, I have a horrible sweet tooth, especially when I’m upset.  And I’ve been upset a lot lately.

Right now I’m on some kind of steroid for an allergic reaction to God knows what.  It will last for a total of thirty days.  The first thing my diet buddies said to me when they found out was, “Don’t get upset if you don’t lose weight while on this stuff!”  Apparently, steroids don’t do well with a diet.  We’ll see.

So, I’m busy with making sure my son does everything he needs to do to be ready for his college graduation ceremony next month, and helping him apply for jobs in his field of study, counseling. This should be interesting.  I also have medical tests and appointments coming up.  I’m trying to read Fall of Giants by Follett and I want to catch up on my writing, other than this blog.  And, of course, I am still working full time.

You would think I have enough to keep my mind off of things that upset me.  Not always, but I think I’m getting there.

I’m still pushing for more votes for DOVER FIRST SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH on wm8.walmart.com/hunger.  They need that $20,000 grant.  PLEASE VOTE.

Until next week….




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