End of Week 45 – wm8.walmart.com/hunger

My weight is still up, and we still have terrible foods in the house – like chocolate.  However, I am feeling more resolute, my husband has restocked me with my breakfasts and lunches (bless him!), and the weather is finally warming (took it long enough!).

Here I am worried about eating too much, and there are children and families going hungry.  I don’t have money to give toward all the charities I would like, but I have a little time and I can write.  So, I do what I can.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not religious.  I am what one would call “spiritual.”  I have no problem with faith – I am simply not into organized religion, and I have a real problem taking the Bible literally because I am familiar with the way it was put together.  The flip side of this is that although I don’t take the Bible literally, I acknowledge that one can do worse than living by many of the principles spelled out in the New Testament.  A person does not have to be religious to live a good life.

My mother lived by what she considered Jesus’ directive, “Feed my sheep.”  I may not be what most would consider “christian,” but I figure my mom’s example is a pretty good one to follow.  So, I use what little I have to try to help when I can.

Currently, I am trying to keep people aware of a competition for grant money in which one of my diet buddies is participating.  She founded and runs the HOPE Program, which provides food to those who do not have enough, especially children.  What I love about the program is that it is open to all who need, not just to “Christians.”  The program is in the running for a $20,000 grant from Walmart, but they need votes to get it.

Please go to wm8.walmart.com/hunger and vote for:


Each person is allowed to vote once each day until April 30th.  This is a nationwide competition and it is difficult for organizations in places like Dover, DE to compete with those in more populated areas like New Jersey, Ohio and California.

As we try to lose weight, let’s remember that this country still has those who must worry about the source of their next meal!  PLEASE VOTE EVERY DAY!

Until next week….


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